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LulzBot Mini Educational Bundle

Boost your 3D printing knowledge with the LulzBot Mini Education Bundle! This package includes everything that you need to get started and more.

LulzBot Mini 3D Printer
3 spools MatterHackers PRO Series Filament
MatterControl Touch T10
MatterControl Book
Crafty Pen
Crafty Strands

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The LulzBot Mini Education Bundle is a great start for any school, makerspace, or individual that is interested in 3D printing. Check out all the awesome items that the bundle includes below! 

LulzBot Mini 3D Printer

The classroom-friendly Lulzbot Mini is made by the same manufacturer as the Taz 5 which was the overall winner of Make Magazine’s 2016 3D printer shootout. The Mini can handle just about any type of filament, has a build volume of 152×152×158mm and is ready to use straight out of the box.

3 Spools of MatterHackers 3.00mm PRO Series PLA (Black, White, Red)

This bundle comes with 3 spools of PRO Series PLA. Colors will be black, white, and red unless specified by the customer. Please email us after placing your order if you would like to request specific colors.

PRO Series is a formulation of PLA filament intended for producing professional, high quality, 3D printed parts. It features a visually distinct finish, with a more vibrant, opaque coloration, than standard PLA filament. PRO Series PLA is made in the USA and is produced to a more precise specification.


MatterControl Touch T10 - 10" Standalone 3D Printer Controller

MatterControl Touch is a WiFi enabled touch screen controller with an on-board camera that runs MatterControl 3D printing and slicing software. It features a cloud library, remote monitoring and control of your print via a cell phone. MatterControl Touch eliminates the need for your printer to be connected to a computer in any way. Just plug in your printer, select your printer model from the drop-down list, and the printer settings are pre-loaded and ready to go!

3D Printing with MatterControl - Paperback Book

3D Printing with MatterControl is your step-by-step guide to using and mastering MatterControl 3D printing software. This book will teach you how to maximize and optimize your 3D printing experience through the use of MatterControl. Whether you are new to 3D printing or a seasoned printing veteran, there is plenty you can learn from 3D printing with MatterControl.

Crafty Pen 3D Printing Pen

This colorful pen prints with PLA and ABS and makes the perfect addition to any 3D printer because you can embellish and repair printed parts. You can also use the Crafty Pen independently to doodle plastic objects for artistic projects. 

PLA Strands for Crafty Pen

This variety pack of of 40 strands is perfect for Crafty Pen. This filament is made using our legendary PRO Series PLA which is made in the USA and features vibrant, opaque coloration.