Dyze Design Dyze Design ENP Liquid Cooling Block for DyzeXtruder-GT & DyzeXtruder PRO - 9.35mm

Dyze Design ENP Liquid Cooling Block for DyzXtruder-GT & DyzXtruder PRO is the ultimate upgrade for your Dyze Hotend. Water cooling is an excellent solution for consistent performance and extremely effective in cooling down heated environments. This is perfect for filaments such as PEI, PEEK, PSU, and other engineering grade polymers that require environment temperatures of up to 210°C. High temp fans can only go as high as 85°C. The ENP is nickel plated, which prevents corrosion making this an easy, no-hassle liquid cooling block. Keep your DyzeXtruder or any Nema17 motors consistent with the Dyze Design liquid cooling block add on.

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Unleash the true potential of 3D printing with DYZE Design

Dyze Design a company located in Quebec, Canada, comprised of a team of Makers, Hobbyists, and Engineers with the vision to optimize the 3D printing market that have made a name for themselves in the 3D printing world. This highly innovative and knowledgable team has developed high-quality extruders, hotends, nozzles, and 3D printing components. Their extruders and hotends are known to be some of the smallest on the market, yet they contain rugged and robust materials and design components that will last, and every component undergoes rigorous testing.

Tech Specs

Compatible with: DyzeXtruder-GT, DyzeXtruder PRO, and any Nema17 Motor

Thread: M8x1.25

Liquid Type: Any

What's Included in the Box:

  • DyzeXtruder ENP Liquid cooling block
  • 2 x M8 Fittings
  • M8 Plug
  • Thermal compound
  • 3 x O-rings


DyzXtruder GT

DyzeXtruder PRO

Looking to add liquid cooling to your Dyze Extruder / Hotend?

Dyze Design Tungsten Carbide Nozzles

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