LDO LDO Voron Trident 250 (Rev A) 3D Printer Kit


The LDO Voron Trident 250 3D Printer Kit is a top-quality, high-speed 3D printer that is perfect for printing heat-sensitive thermoplastics such as ABS. The kit includes most of the hardware essentials, and self-assembly is required. This is a great first experience before assembling a Voron 2.4.

  • Enclosed traditional coreXY printer
  • Ideal for large-format, high-speed printing
  • Includes most hardware essentials
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* Printed parts, hotend, and Raspberry Pi are not included and will need to be sourced separately. *
ABS or ASA are recommended materials for Voron printed parts.



Build your own large-volume high-speed 3D printer with the Voron Trident 3D Printer Kit by LDO.

Key Features of the LDO Voron Trident 250 Kit:

  • Enclosed Traditional CoreXY Printer
  • Ideal for Large-Format High-Speed 3D Printing Heat Sensitive Materials
  • Top-Quality Parts Pre-Sourced/Manufactured by LDO
  • Includes Most of the Hardware Essentials
  • Self-Assembly Required

Want more print volume? Try the Trident 300 Kit!


The LDO Voron Trident Kit makes building a traditional core XY 3D printer accessible and more affordable for all the top-quality components included in this package.

  • Experience assembling a 3D printer
  • Know the ins and outs of your 3D printer
    • Valuable for resolving inevitable 3D printing obstacles down the road
  • Helpful community and documentation available for increased success
  • A great first experience before assembling a Voron 2.4
Image of fully assembled Voron Core XY 3D printers with the Voron Trident at the forefront, the Voron 2.4 on the back left, and the Voron 0.1 on the back right

Stainless Steel Linear Rails from the LDO kit on a fully assembled Voron 2.4 3D Printer


The stainless steel linear rails included in this Voron Trident Kit are manufactured by 3D printer component industry leaders LDO themselves, guaranteeing an extended service life of these parts and the ability to print at high speeds without reducing print quality.

  • Linear Rails prevents wobble to maximize print speed and quality print results
  • Stainless steel prevents rust and minimizes rapid wear and tear
  • Produced by industry leaders in manufacturing 3D printing components
  • Recommend occasional grease on rails to make it slide more easily


LDO pre-cuts and pre-wires all the necessary wiring for the Voron Trident, easily streamlining and quickening the wire installation process compared to self-sourcing and prepping the wires yourself.

  • No need to measure, cut, and crimp/solder wires
  • Tremendously streamlines and hastens installation process
  • Detailed wiring guide provided
Fully assembled Voron Trident 3D Printer with the LED lights installed and opearting

Zoom in of the LED touch screen on the fully assembled Voron Trident 3D Printer


On top of streamlining the sourcing process for essential parts, LDO's Voron Trident Kit also includes additional upgrades to enhance your 3D printer experience.

  • Upgrade from standard LCD knob display to a Touch Display
  • LED strips included to illuminate your 3D printer
  • Modified Hartk Toolhead PCD included for simpler and straightforward wiring
  • Nevermore Filter and Klicky Mod available for optional installation


This Voron Trident Kit is assembled by LDO Motors, an industry leader known amongst the additive manufacturing community for producing and supplying quality 3D printer components and accessories. Sourcing trusted reliable parts is half the battle of successfully building a Voron and LDO makes it a whole lot easier by manufacturing and sourcing a large majority of those essential parts so you can focus on the labor of assembly rather than component hunting. 

  • Sourced and Manufactured by LDO
  • LDO works with Voron Design ti stay up to date on revisions
  • Greatly Relieves User's Burden for Sourcing Parts
  • Rest easy knowing components are from a trusted supplier
LDO logo on 3D printed part for the Voron Design Voron 2.4 R2 3D Printer

What is Included in the LDO Voron Trident Base Kit?

  • Electronic, Metric Hardware, and Mechanical Hardware to assemble the Voron Trident
  • See Tech Specs below for additional specific components included in the base kit.

What are the Technical Specifications For the LDO Voron Trident Kit?

ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. This is a kit, NOT a fully assembled 3D printer.

Printer Model Voron Trident
Kit Manufacturer LDO Motors
Product Type FDM 3D Printer
Compatible Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Assembly Type DIY Self-Assembly Kit
Printer External Volume
(W x D x H)
~460 mm x 460 mm x 500 mm
(18.11" x 18.11" x 19.68")
Printer Build Area 305x305
(12" x 12")
Max Print Volume 250mm x 250mm x 250mm
(9.8" x 9.8" x 9.8")
Max Bed Temp 110°C
Motherboard BigTreeTech Octopus V1.1
Pi Board NOT included
Display Type Touch Screen
Filament Feed Setup Direct Drive
Filament Extruder BMG parts produced by Bondtech and LDO
Hotend NOT included
Nozzle NOT included
Bed Surface Double-Sided Powder Coated PEI Build Plate
Bed Magnets Included
Enclosure Panels Included
Printed Parts NOT included
Interface USB - Connection
Supported OS Windows (7+), Mac OS X (10.7+)
Supported Formats STL, OBJ

*Note these specs are based on the BASE kit. Some specs are subject to change based on available upgrades/personal modifications.

What Upgrades Are Available for the Voron Trident?

For more details about each individual upgrade, click the product name links, if available, for specific tech specs and what comes with each upgrade option.

Upgrade Description
Phaetus Rapido HF Hotend (+$96) The Phaetus Rapido hotend is designed for high-flow filament extrusion for fast 3D printing and minimal downtime. Enjoy the benefits of making quick one-handed nozzle changes, fast high flow printing, and print with a huge variety of thermoplastics. This comes with one 0.4mm hardened steel nozzle and one 0.4mm plated copper nozzle.
E3D 24V Revo Voron (with Nozzle Kit) (+$136) The E3D Revo Voron is a small, lightweight aluminum HotEnd designed for use with Revo Nozzles. This is designed specifically with Voron compatibility in mind. This comes with a variety of revo brass nozzles (0.25mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm).
Add-On Description
Voron Tap Kit Upgraded to an extremely precise Z-probe sensor. View the product page for specific hardware requirements.

What are some helpful guides for the Voron Trident?

Check out the links below from the creators of Voron for some very helpful resources and documentation on getting your Voron Trident up and running.

Please note that assistance from our Customer Service team is limited to assisting with the nature of the order and providing links from the creators that may help you with your inquiry.

Return Policy

Please note that returns are not accepted on opened kits. Only new, unopened kits may be returned within 30 days of purchase. If a part from the kit is determined to be defective or missing during the warranty period, a replacement part or store credit of equal cost to the defective/missing unit will be provided.

If there is a problem with the packaging or damage during shipment, please return the product immediately. Otherwise, a return will not be offered after assembly.

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Note, all Clearance purchases are Final Sale and not covered by the MatterHackers Return Policy.

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