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MatterControl Touch Mount - Robo 3D R1

Download this MatterControl Touch mount designed for your Robo 3D R1 Machine.

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Designed by the MatterHackers Engineering team - this set of mounts fit right on the Robo R1. Use your MatterControl Touch for a fully integrated, standalone printer. 

 There are two design files within this Design Bundle: 

  1. MatterControl Touch Mount - Compact
    This compact mount keeps the MatterControl Touch high and out of the way
  2. MatterControl Tough Mount - Long
    This Long mount hangs low so that the MatterControl Touch's camera can view the bed while printing. Enable 'Cloud Monitoring' AND 'Camera Sync' to get a live view of your printing (Instructions). 


MatterControl Touch Robo R1 Mount - Long

MatterControl Touch Robo R1 Mount - Compact

Recommended Print Settings:

Material: PLA or ABS

Layer Height: 0.2 mm

Infill: 30%

Supports: OFF

Print Time estimate: 2.5 hours