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MatterControl T7X - Standalone 3D Printer Controller (Refurbished)

MatterControl T7X is the latest addition to a line of highly intuitive 3D printer controllers. This 7" Android-powered touchscreen is the ultimate upgrade for any 3D printer. With a sleek, contemporary design, MatterControl T7X gives you the ability to create, edit, and prepare models directly on your 3D printer using a modern, yet advanced interface. T7X includes an onboard camera for in-action print monitoring and is Wifi enabled for an integrated 3D printing experience.

Product No. MZK5LG7P
List Price: $299.99
Experience standalone 3D printing with MatterControl T7X
Print Comfortably and Confidently
MatterControl T7X incorporates all the premium features of MatterControl into one handheld device, replacing the need of your computer, SD cards, or USB connectivity, allowing a completely standalone 3D printing experience.
On-Board Slicing
Download designs directly onto your T7X from your MatterControl Cloud Library for fast, efficient slicing.
Sleek, Solid Design
MatterControl T7X’s injection molded frame is designed to harmonize your 3D printing workflow - multiple standing angles and ergonomic handles promote the T7X experience.
Built-In Camera
Monitor your print progress remotely using T7X’s powerful built-in camera, and even be alerted when your part is complete.

About MatterControl T7X

MatterControl T7X is designed specifically to enhance the user’s 3D printing experience. With its compact and sleek build, T7X blends all the great features of MatterControl with the accessibility of creating a standalone 3D printer.

MatterControl T7X Logo

Give Your 3D Printer a Brain with MatterControl Touch T7X

Printers that require a constant connection can be difficult to operate if you have one computer and are running 15+ hour prints. This means your computer must stay tethered to your printer at all times, which can tie up other areas of your workflow. Enter T7X - the 3D printer controller that not only makes your 3D printer a stand-alone machine, but does so with the power of MatterControl.

MatterControl T7X

Integrated Slicing

MatterControl T7X has MatterControl at its heart - the powerful slicing engine developed by the team at MatterHackers. That means you only need to provide 3D designs to T7X and the rest is done on board. Customize print settings, modify part orientation, and even export gCode to an SD card for use on other machines. The T7X also has WiFi connectivity and a web browser allowing you to search for and download files from your favorite design store - like the one here on!

MatterControl T7X

Cloud Design Library

MatterControl T7X connects to your MatterControl Cloud Library and allows you to download and print files purchased from the MatterHackers Design Store, as well as any other files stored in your Cloud Library. Seamlessly transfer designs between devices using this powerful feature of MatterControl.

MatterControl T7X

Remote Print Monitoring

T7X features a built-in camera, and can text or email you a picture of your printed part as soon as it's finished! The camera can also be used to generate an up-to-the-minute picture of your part as it's printing using MatterControl Cloud Sync. The stand-up design of T7X provides a clear view of your 3D printer's print bed as it is actively printing.

MatterControl T7X

WiFi Enabled, Not Required

T7X has WiFi connectivity to allow the use of MatterControl cloud features like Cloud Library and Cloud Sync. However, these are not required to operate the device. Your T7X will function out of the box and control your 3D printer without a WiFi connection. The unit has an SD card reader for offline loading of digital designs to ensure maximum functionality even without an internet connection. Though not necessary, we do highly recommend keeping your T7X connected to WiFi to continue receiving the latest updates from our software development team, and to take advantage of the internet connected features of the device.

MatterControl T7X

Whats in the box?

  • T7X Touchscreen controller
  • USB power cable
  • USB power adapter
  • Getting Started Guide

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Technical Information

Processor Quad Core 1.3GHz processor
Ram 1GB
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Screen 7" IPS 1024x600
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