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The Pulse HV - High Output 3D Printer Bundle is perfect for anyone looking to create large, strong parts quickly. With industry-leading components like the 1.2mm Vanadium Nozzle, Mosquito Magnum Hotend, Bondtech BMG extruder, and high-output upgrades, the Pulse HV is capable of producing consistent, strong parts at a rapid rate. Each Pulse HV Bundle arrives with one 5lb spool of PRO Series PLA filament. The Pulse custom assembled 3D printer from MatterHackers has been serving the community as a configurable machine to fit any workflow. From the stock machine to the XE model special for NylonX, there is a Pulse for everyone.

Please note: This product listing refers to a refurbished, open box unit - see below for condition descriptions.

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  • Fully functional printer, professionally inspected and tested
  • Used, good condition
  • May contain minor cosmetic blemishes
  • May or may not include the original packaging
  • Some nonessential items may be missing (filament, SD cards, etc.)
  • Comes with a 6 month warranty

Please email or call if you have questions regarding this machine.

Print Faster and Create Stronger Parts with the Pulse HV High Output 3D Printer
Faster Printing Stronger Parts

Faster Printing - Stronger Parts

Need a 3D printer that quickly produces sturdy prints? The Pulse HV 3D printer does the job. The Pulse HV arrives with Slice Engineering's 1.2mm Vanadium nozzle for fast printing of wide layers, in addition to enhancing the strength of these engineering-grade materials.
Go Big Without Compromise

Go Big Without Compromise

The Pulse HV satisfies the need to quickly print big, sturdier parts. Reduce time printing large parts without compromising strength with a hotend made up of Slice Engineering's Mosquito Magnum HotEnd and Slice Engineering's 1.2mm Vanadium Nozzle. Rest assure that the HV is made to print bigger, faster, stronger, and better.
Solid Parts for Solid Printing

Solid Parts for Solid Printing

We install reliable components so you can print durable parts. Through trial and error, our Pulse Pros have tested which best-in-class components live up to their name as well as our high standards for reliability and durability. You can find quality, advanced tech on the Pulse HV such as the Bondtech BMG Extruder for precise filament flow and the Mosquito Magnum HotEnd for quick print time. A 1.2mm Vanadium Nozzle is installed to withstand the toughest abrasive printing materials like our NylonX so you can add even more strength to your printed parts through your choice of filament.

Attention to Detail

From the parts used to construct a sturdy Y-axis right down to the type of rubber feet we produce to reduce print noise, we take great care constantly observing and updating details in our design so we can enhance your 3D printing experience. The Pulse HV 3D printer is the latest iteration of the Pulse family to have refined specifications that satisfy specific printing needs.

Save More, Gain More

Save more money while gaining more perks with this Pulse HV bundle. You’re not just getting a 3D printer that’s fully assembled; you’re getting a high-quality machine that also comes fully calibrated with industry-leading components designed to produce stronger, larger prints at a faster rate. Even when factoring optional upgrades, money is still saved while also expanding 3D printing options when purchasing those add ons in this bundle.

About Pulse 3D Printers

All Pulse 3D printers are high quality, customizable 3D printers based on the Prusa i3, designed to meet the needs of any maker. For professional use, inside the classroom, or even on your workbench at home, you can personalize your Pulse with a variety of upgrades to make your 3D printing experience unique. Your Pulse is hand-built by MatterHackers’ pros using precision machined components, then thoroughly tested to guarantee successful 3D printing. Your Pulse arrives fully pre-configured with software and settings specific to your selected upgrades, streamlining the experience so you can start creating faster and more efficiently.

Pulse Logo 

Pulse HV High Output 3D Printer - Faster Printing, Stronger Parts

The Pulse HV is designed specifically for printing sturdier parts quickly. The Pulse HV is designed specifically for printing parts quickly. The upside of large layer heights is that the printed parts are remarkably strong. Loaded stock with a Bondtech BMG Extruder, Mosquito Magnum Hotend, and a 1.2 mm Slice Engineering Vanadium Nozzle, the Pulse HV uses 1.75mm filament to reliably print solid structures and geometries. Pulse components are precision machined, and each portion of the experience finely honed so that you can achieve the best 3D printing results possible.

Designed for High Output 3D Printing

The Pulse HV is designed to print strong parts rapidly by using industry-leading components like the 1.2 mm Slice Engineering's Vanadium Nozzle, Mosquito Magnum Hotend, and the Bondtech BMG Extruder. With a wider nozzle, layers have more surface area to melt and weld together creating heavy-duty parts.

Built for Speed

The Pulse HV's increased filament flow is optimized to produce larger 3D prints quickly and efficiently. By optimizing 1.75mm components and a larger nozzle, the Pulse HV's increased filament flow cuts down print time significantly. This is ideal for projects or prototyping that require a quick turnaround or mass production. 

Stronger Parts

With a large diameter nozzle, wide layers have more surface area to melt and weld together creating heavy-duty parts. Since the layers have more grip between them, the overall strength and durability of the part increases. The Pulse HV is the perfect machine for creating extra-strength 3D printed parts.

Simple Smart Setup

Successfully going from unboxing to 3D printing right out of the box is simple with our 3D printers. Every Pulse HV High Output 3D Printer comes pre-configured with MatterControl, an intuitive application that simplifies the 3D printing experience by having the profiles and settings you need for software setup ready to go. MatterHackers and Pulse Pros work together to keep your setup simple and smart.

Functional Parts Using Basic Materials

Because of the mechanical properties gained by printing with a large diameter nozzle - any material can be used for creating strong and durable parts. By upgrading to the Advanced Material Package you can expand the capabilities of the Pulse HV to include some of the awesome features of the Pulse XE by printing with NylonX and NylonG.

Every Pulse comes standard with automatic bed leveling and a heated print bed, but this High Output offering includes a 1.2mm Vanadium Nozzle ready to tackle the largest print jobs right out of the box. This enlarged nozzle allows you to push more filament faster and create stronger parts than ever before thanks to the double-wide extrusions. The Pulse HV machine design is based on the popular Prusa i3, the communities most popular design, known for its sturdy build and reliable printing. 

Need to quickly print sturdy clamps of a specific design? The Pulse HV has you covered.

Strength You Can See

The Pulse HV is designed for high output and strong parts. In order to do this, layer lines are apparent - in the best way possible. A larger nozzle creates larger layer lines, which adds more surface area for the layers to adhere to one another, which is where the added strength of your part comes from. Easily show off that your products are, in fact, 3D printed with beautifully seamed layer lines. It's time to start embracing distinctive layer lines. 

We needed a replacement skateboard drive hub - fast. We used the Pulse HV to replicate one quickly and efficiently.

Need for Speed

With the Pulse HV 3D printer, we aim to reduce print time with a simple solution: a larger diameter nozzle that produces a higher flow rate, leading to quicker production. The Pulse HV comes with a powerful Slice Engineering Mosquito Magnum Hotend and large 1.2mm Vanadium Nozzle. With a hotend built to equip nozzle sizes up to 1.2mm, printing faster thanks to larger nozzles is much more viable right out of the box with this iteration of the Pulse.

Increase Size Without Decreasing Strength

The Pulse HV is capable of printing large parts like many other 3D printers, but with the added bonus of doing it faster with stronger results. Print big, functional parts you need in nearly half the time thanks to the Pulse HV’s reliable Slice Engineering components such as the Mosquito Magnum Hotend and Vanadium Nozzle. These industry-leading components allow your hotend setup to extrude larger layer heights through bigger nozzles, thus expelling more plastic per second and resulting in drastically shorter print times. The best part? This method of quicker print time doesn’t reduce your print’s strength, but actually enhances it thanks to the larger layer heights. Stress less over print time and strength for large, functional parts with the Pulse HV.


  • Pulse HV - High Output 3D Printer - Pre-Assembled 
  • Art Knife
  • 3 pc Hex Wrench Set
  • Power Cord
  • USB Cable

Technical Information

Power RecoveryYes - MatterControl will recover a printer power loss
Build Volume 250 x 220 x 215 mm (10 x 9 x 8.5 in)
Machine Volume
(L x W x H)
559 x 464 x 584 mm (22 x 18.25 x 23 in)
These dimensions include wires protruding from the machine. The X, Y, and Z movement do not go beyond these dimensions.
Speed travel speed of up to 250 mm/s and a print speed as high as 60 mm/s
Resolution 20 microns (.02mm)
Layer Height 30 microns (.03mm) to 1000 microns (1.0 mm)
Filament Diameter Ø 1.75 mm
Extruder Bondetch BMG Extruder

Slice Engineering Vanadium Nozzle - 1.75mm x 1.20mm

Max HotEnd Temp

Mosquito Magnum - Set to >295°C

Max Heated Bed Temp Currently Set to 120°C
Print Surface

LayerLock Garolite Heated Bed with installed LayerLock MagBase

Calibration Automatic Print Leveling - 25 point BL touch sensor
Remote Control Monitor and control your Pulse 3D printer from your tablet or phone over networking using the integrated MatterControl Sync portal.
Open Standards Pulse uses open standard technology, which means compatibility with open source tools and no artificial restrictions around the materials you can use.
Returns/Warranty comes with a 6 month warranty, lifetime support.

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