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3D Printer Kits 3D Printer Kits
3D Printer Kits

3D Printer Kits

If you are looking to save a little money on the up-front cost of a 3D printer, purchasing a 3D printer kit is a smart way to go. 3D printer kits don’t sacrifice accuracy or quality, so you can enjoy premium 3D printer features at a lower cost. Every 3D printer kit comes with detailed instructions on how to assemble and configure your new 3D printer for your needs, and all of our 3D printer kits come with free phone support during setup; if you have a question, call us and the MatterHackers Pros can help! Plus, being able to get hands-on and build your own 3D printer kit gives you a unique insight into the mechanics of what makes your 3D printer work. So whether you build a cartesian 3D printer or a delta 3D printer, these kits will challenge you and help you learn about 3D printing.

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