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The MakerBot Method X is a high performance, a tinker-free 3D printer that was designed to handle the most complex 3D printing needs. Featuring a 100°C heated chamber, The Method X is capable of printing a wide range of durable real-ABS parts and other material types right out of the box. In addition to its material capabilities, Method X also features high-quality components including dual performance extruders, precision dissolvable supports, and dry-sealed material. Method X is the perfect choice for printing manufacturing tools, end-user parts, and functional prototypes.

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The perfect choice to handle the most complex 3D printing needs, the MakerBot Method X is a high-performance 3D printer designed to print working prototypes, manufacturing tools, fixtures and end-use parts with ease. 

Here are the key features of the MakerBot Method X 3D printer: 

  • Dual Performance Extruders up to 300° C - Model 1XA Extruder and Support 2XA Extruder
  • Thermal regulated build chamber up to 110°C
  • Over 300,000 hours of reliability testing
  • 21 Sensor suite - smart features for materials and performance
  • Production-grade materials for advanced manufacturing
  • Remote monitoring & printing

Print Prototypes and Functional Parts

The MakerBot Method X makes the reliable and precise rapid production of 3D printed tools, parts, and custom jigs and fixtures accessible with real manufacturing grade materials. 

  • 3D print complex parts with ease using soluble support structures
  • Replace slower, costly traditional methods with rapid prototyping
  • Create end-use parts in-house
  • Selected by a wide range of industries
Printed Part with Gaps

Heated build chamber

Full Active Heat Immersion

The circulating heated chamber maintains a stable print environment up to 110° C and provides controlled cooling of printed parts, allowing for:

  • Superior Z-layer bonding
  • Higher dimensional accuracy
  • Better layer adhesion
  • Improved part strength
  • Effective reduction of first-layer warping

Optimized Design for Precise 3D Printing

The Method X is a 3D printer built to last. The ultra-rigid metal frame running the full length of Method X's body is designed to offset flexing, resulting in more consistent print results with better part accuracy and fewer failures.

  • Over 300,000 hours of system reliability and print quality testing
  • Ultra-rigid metal frame to offset flexing
  • Structurally optimized
  • Dry-sealed material bays
  • Build volume of 152 x 190 x 196 mm / 6.0 x 7.5 x 7.75” with dual extrusion
  • 190 x 190 x 196 mm / 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.75” build volume with single extrusion
Dimensions and outline of the Method X

Open material bay

Save On Time and Costs With Sensor Suite of Smart Features

The MakerBot Method X is equipped with a full sensor suite to maintain a consistently controlled performance, preserve the peak quality of materials, and to provide an uninterrupted manufacturing workflow. The Method X features an impressive 21 automated sensors including:

  • Material Drawer:
    • Temperature and Humidity control
    • Material detection - remaining material, material color, material type
    • Smart-Assist Material Loading
  • Performance extruders:
    • Temperature
    • Material detection
    • Encoder (Automated print jam detection)
  • Printer:
    • Lid and Door – open/closed status
    • Temperature sensors – heated chamber
    • Auto Calibration sensor

Print with Manufacturing Grade Materials

The Method X is capable of printing real, production-grade ABS and Stratasys SR-30 soluble supports. Compared to traditional ABS filaments, the MakerBot ABS filament:

  • Withstands up to 15°C higher temperatures
  • Up to 26% more rigid 
  • Up to 12% stronger
  • Achieves exceptional dimensional accuracy
  • Allows for complex, durable parts
MakerBot Precision ABS Filament

CAD Software for Method X

Seamless CAD Integration

Compatible with over 30 CAD file types, the Method X provides an impressively fast CAD-to-part workflow to optimize your rapid part production process, featuring plugins for:

  • Solidworks
  • Autodesk 
  • Fusion 360
  • Inventor


Learn how real customers in the aerospace and automotive industries and in higher education are all succeeding with rapid prototyping and end-use part production on the Method X in the following case studies:


Model 1XA Extruder and Support 2XA Extruder


The Method X comes standard with the Model 1XA Extruder and a Support 2XA Extruder. This means that you can print with several advanced materials on this machine out of the box, including:

Additionally, access even more material compatibilities with 6-in-1 Modular Performance Extruders to print metals, composites, and polymers or to quickly change material groups without cross-contamination.

Explore More Materials for Method X Here

Print from Anywhere with CloudPrint Technology

CloudPrint remote 3D printing software

Access, queue, and monitor your 3D printing projects remotely from anywhere in the world using these free cloud-based print management features:

  • Adjust settings, prepare files, queue multiple prints, and more
  • On-board camera monitoring to observe print progress
  • Print-from-anywhere control to access multiple machines
  • Track material usage and review your print history
  • Share and collaborate remotely with team members

Which MakerBot 3D Printer is Right for Me?

MakerBot has optimized their line of 3D printers to offer solutions for a wide variety of users - compare MakerBot machines to find out which printer will best suit your specific needs. Here are some MakerBot 3D printer features at a glance: 

  • MakerBot Method: Designed to succeed with PLA and PVA for prototypes and more, the MakerBot Method 3D printer has a heated build chamber that reaches up to 65°C and starts at $4,499.10. 
  • MakerBot Method X: A powerful, manufacturing grade workhorse built to print with advanced, high-strength and high-tolerance materials for end-use parts starting at $4,874.25.
  • MakerBot Method X Carbon Fiber Edition: All the manufacturing-grade features of the Method X with a Model 1C Extruder for printing strong, heat-resistant carbon fiber parts starting at $5,249.25.


Please note that due to the size and packaging of this machine, your MakerBot Method X 3D Printer will ship on a pallet via freight, which could extend delivery times. If you are shipping a MakerBot printer to a residential address, the freight company will call you to schedule a delivery. Shipments made to commercial addresses will be made without the need to schedule a delivery.

What Comes with the MakerBot Method X 3D Printer?


  • Spring Steel Build Plate
  • 1 Performance Extruder 1XA Model
  • 1 Performance Extruder 2XA Support


  • 1 Nozzle Brush
  • 1 Hex Key
  • 1 USB A-to-B Cable
  • 1 US Power Cord
  • 1 EU Power Cord



  • Printing technology: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • Print heads: Dual
  • Dimensional accuracy: ± 0.2 mm
  • Layer resolution: 20 – 400 microns
  • Build Speed: Max Material Flow Rate: ~50 mm³ per sec
  • Print head travel speed: up to 500 mm per sec
  • Maximum build volume: 19 L x 19 W x 19.6 H cm / 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.75 in single extrusion; 15.2 L x 19 W x 19.6 H cm / 6.0 x 7.5 x 7.75 in dual extrusion



  • Machine dimensions: 43.7 L x 41.3 W x 64.9 H cm / 17.2 x 16.3 x 25.6 in
  • Machine weight: 5 kg / 65 lbs
  • Frame construction: aluminum die cast base, extruded aluminum uprights, steel weldment gantry frame.
  • Temperature control: circulating heated chamber, 100°C
  • Build plate: Flexible steel build plate
  • Build surface: Reusable grip surface
  • Display: 5” full-color capacitive touch screen
  • Camera resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
  • Sensor suite: 21 sensors including:
    • Drawer:
      • Temperature
      • Humidity control
      • Material detection
      • RFID
    • Performance extruders:
      • Temperature
      • Material detection
      • Encoder (Jam detection)
    • Printer:
      • Lid – open/closed
      • Door – open/closed
      • Temperature sensors – heated chamber
      • Calibration sensors



  • Extruder thermal core length: 48.2 mm
  • Max extruder drive torque: 200 Newtons
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm



  • Spool type: Smart spools with RFID sensors
  • Spool sensors: Remaining material, material color, material type.
  • Supported Materials:
    • MakerBot 1XA Extruder: ABS, ASA, PC ABS, PC ABS FR
    • MakerBot 2XA Extruder: SR-30



  • Software bundle: MakerBot Print, MakerBot Mobile
  • Supported file formats: MakerBot (.makerbot), STL (.stl), SolidWorks (.sldprt, .sldasm), InventorOBJ (.ipt, .iam), IGES (.iges, .igs), STEP AP203/214 (.step, .stp), CATIA (.CATPart, .CATProduct), Wavefront Object (.obj), Unigraphics/NX (.prt), Solid Edge (.par, .asm), ProE/Creo (.prt, .asm), VRML (.wrl), Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b)
  • Operating systems:
    • Windows (7,10)
    • Mac OS X (10.9+)



  • Connectivity: USB Drive, USB, Ethernet, WiFi
  • Power Requirements:
    • METHOD X; 100 - 240 V; 8.1A - 3.4A, 50 / 60 Hz; 800 W max.
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