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PRO Series Resin

PRO Series Resin

Building upon the proven benefits of MH Build Series Resin, MatterHackers PRO Series Resin combines the industry-leading features of epoxy-free and incredibly stable 3D Printer Photopolymer Resin with application-specific formulas like High Precision, Dental Model, and more. PRO Series Resin is trusted by the pro's at MatterHackers when other materials fall short. Your 3D prints are important - so print like a pro with MatterHackers PRO Series.

About PRO Series Resin

What is resin 3D Printing? 

Resin 3D printing, or SLA 3D Printing, is the process by which liquid resins are cured or hardened layer-by-layer using a laser (laser SLA), LCD screen (MSLA), or digital light projector (DLP). 

Resin 3D printers are capable of incredibly detailed 3D prints at a high resolution without the easily visible layer lines typically associated with FDM 3D printing. Once an SLA printed part is complete, it must be post-processed in UV light.

The high resolution of resin 3D printed parts makes resin a popular option for printing small, finely detailed models such as dental models, medical models, jewelry, tooling prototypes, and even miniatures. 

What is PRO Series Resin?

Where other 3D printing resins are made for a general purpose, PRO Series Resin has various unique formulations tailor-made for specific performance.

  1. PRO Series Model Resin was designed to have consistent colors from pouch to pouch for the express goal of being color mixable! Combine 1 part red to 1 part blue and achieve the same shade of color every time. Experiment and find the color mixture to perfectly match your brand's unique hue.
  2. PRO Series Dental Resin was made for the dental industry, where you need many iterations to be printed fast while remaining accurate. This resin keeps its color throughout the 3D printing process and performs exceptionally well at the lower layer heights necessary for dental 3D printing.
  3. PRO Series High Precision Resin can be stored and used for years at a time when properly handled, an essential factor for professional users. Most importantly, finished parts exhibit extremely low shrinkage so you know that the part you design is the part that you will have once you've gone through post-processing.

What kind of resins are used for 3D Printing?

There are many different resin materials that provide high-quality and highly detailed, smooth results when compared to FDM 3D printers and filament. Explore a wide variety of properties between differing resins such as:

Is 3D Printer resin expensive?

No, 3D printer resin is not expensive. You can find 3D Printer resin for as low as $18.98 per 500g bag, like our MH Build Series Resin which is great for everyday 3D printing. For use-case specific formulations, PRO Series Resin can get a bit pricier but is well worth the expanded capabilities within your 3D printing toolbox.

What considerations should I be aware of with resin 3D Printing?

Unlike the plastics used in FFF 3D printing, the resins used in resin 3D printing are not inert and are actually a skin-irritant in their uncured form that require some precautions in order to use safely. Most importantly, be sure to wear nitrile gloves anytime you intend to handle liquid resins. 

To learn more about best practices for safe resin printing, read our how-to guide: Safely Handle, Use, and Dispose Resins for SLA 3D Printers 

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