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3D StuffMaker CREATOR Gen 2 PRO

Assembled and calibrated in the USA, 3D StuffMaker's CREATOR Gen 2 PRO Printer is perfect for hobby and model making, as well as quick and easy prototyping. The sleek, acrylic finish and design makes this printer compatible with any desktop!

The CREATOR Gen 2 PRO has all the features of its predecessor, plus some great upgrades, including your choice of a direct feed extruder, which allows you to print in a variety of filaments. This portable printer also comes with a anodized aluminum print plate!

Product No. MZE3U038

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3D StuffMaker has released the CREATOR Gen 2 PRO Printer, which rivals its predecessor in numerous ways. Perfect for hobbyists, model making, and simple prototyping, this assembled 3D Printer is perfect for your desktop!

Assembled and calibrated here in the USA, the CREATOR Gen 2 PRO has fine-tuned modifications that allow for accurate, high quality 3D prints. The easy set up guarantees that you will be printing quickly!

The CREATOR Gen 2 PRO has an aluminum print plate that is extremely resistant to warping, and can be easily removed or adjusted - it is great for continuous operation. The enhanced belt assembly allows for improved print accuracy and placement. 

Nozzle replacement could not be easier when it comes to cleaning, maintenance, and upgrades. The nozzle also includes a cooling unit, which allows a variety of filament tolerance, extended print times, improved extrusion accuracy - combine all these attributes and you will have yourself one solid and complex object!

Not only is the nozzle an upgrade, but the extruder has precise, friction free feeding that is simple to change - this is great because you will be printing with different filaments quickly.

Tech Specs:

  • Layer Resloution: 80 microns
  • Layer Height Range: 80-700 microns
  • Wall Thickness Range: 730-980
  • Print Size (XYZ): 110 x 130 x 105
  • Maximum Print Size (cm3): 1501.5
  • Print Plate Size: 148 x 148 x 4mm
  • Print Volume (Liters): 1.5
  • Product Size (LxWxH): 35 x 36 x 35in
  • Product Weight (kg): 7kg/15lbs.

Everything is A Okay with your CREATOR Gen 2 PRO!

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