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ColorFabb BrassFill Filament - 1.75mm (0.75kg)

Start printing with real brass metal today using ColorFabb BrassFill! BrassFill gives your prints a nice metallic shine, feel, and finish. ColorFabb BrassFill is a fusion of PLA and real brass powder so it can be printed on most desktop 3D printers.
Product No. MKRWSQUM

ColorFabb BrassFill combines PLA and brass Powder to bring you a premium filament ideal for printing objects that look and feel like real brass. To achieve an authentic brass look and metallic shine, we recommend polishing your BrassFill prints or throwing them in a rock polisher.

Recommended Printing Temperature: 195-220C

Recommended Print Speed: 40 - 100 mm/s

Recommended Heated Bed*: 50-60C

*Heated Bed is recommended, but not completely necessary for successful printing.

Since BrassFill is somewhat softer than BronzeFill and CopperFill, you may need to adjust your retraction settings. 

After printing BrassFill it comes off the print bed with a greenish matte surface, which is similar to that of the BronzeFill. Once polished, it displays an appearance that looks like gold (as seen in the 3D printed “gold bars” you see above).