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Avante FilaOne GREEN Print Bed Adhesion Sheet

FilaOne Adhesion Sheets are the key to keeping FilaOne printed parts stuck to the print bed. These sheets make parts printed with FilaOne filament stick perfectly to your print bed - we do not recommend printing with FilaOne filament without the use of these sheets.

Please note: this item contains 1 FilaOne Adhesion Sheet. Depending on your printing habits, you will need 1-2 adhesion sheets per full spool of FilaOne filament.

Product No. M6RHSXNY
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These sheets allow any part printed with FilaOne filament to adhere to the print bed. When you're ready to use your FilaOne Adhesion Sheet, simple peel off the backing and place the sheet sticky side down onto your print bed. Now you're ready to start printing!

After printing, you can easily remove your part without damaging your print bed (no need to use a scraper or spatula to get your parts off). You never need to use any chemicals or glue with these sheets.

All sheets come as 8.5 X 10 inches in size. Feel free to cut the sheets down as needed to fit them onto your print bed.