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Crafty Pen 3D Printing Pen

The Crafty Pen is here, and it is ready to rock the 3D printing pen world! This colorful pen prints with PLA and ABS and makes the perfect addition to any crafting station. From personal use to lessons in the classroom, Crafty Pen will teach the basic concepts of 3D printing and let your creations come to life!

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Using the Crafty Pen you can get a sense for what it’s like to create an object in 3D space by playing around with making shapes and letters flat on the surface, or building a model in vertical layers, exactly like a 3D printer would.   When the plastic is dry, just pop your model off the table and you’ve got a physical thing!

You can 3D print a cool mount for your Crafty Pen - find it here


These low-cost imagination machines are safe for kids (recommended age 8+), and a fantastic way to introduce the concept of making anything you can imagine into a thing you can hold in your hand and show off to your friends.  They are also powerful tools if you already have a 3D printer.  You can use them to bond multi-part prints, or to fill in gaps and fix broken prints.  Using the same PLA or ABS that the part was originally built with creates a strong bond – a technique we see used a lot in professional costume and prop making.

The technology is very similar to a hot glue gun.  The material gets fed into the back of the pen, heated up and melted, and then squished out into whatever shape you want.  It’s also the same basic technology as a 3D printer, only your hand is creating the movement instead of g-code and stepper motors.  It uses the same PLA filament or ABS filament that your 3D printer would use (mostly 1.75mm) so you may not even need to purchase anything a

Make a cool catapult by tracing the design on the box! 

Crafty Pen in the Classroom

How are 3D printing pens being used?  Besides general creative expression, we’ve seen fantastic classroom and library projects which can bring CORE curriculum to life:

  •      Basic letters and shapes for young tactile learners
  •      Shapes of states and countries
  •      Creating constellations
  •      Learning cells and genes for biology
  •      Bridge and structure building challenges
  •      Mini props and costumes, like fun plastic mustaches and glasses frames
  •      Custom ornaments for the holidays, and hand-made gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.


LCD Screen

Unlike other 3D printing pens, the Crafty Pen has a small LCD screen that makes it really helpful when choosing which material you want to print with as well as temperature selection. Also, the screen displays a "sleep" mode, which is one of the best aspects of the Crafty Pen - if you haven't been using it for more than five minutes, the Crafty Pen will take a "snooze", where the temperature automatically drops. Safety first!

You can Crafty Pen anything!

Easy Temperature Adjustment

Both PLA and ABS filament colors vary slightly in ideal extrusion temperature. Not to worry though, because the Crafty Pen makes it super easy to fine tune the temperature. All you need to do is press the little arrow buttons near the LCD screen and the temperature will adjust.  

Print sophisticated accessories!

Fine-tune the Extrusion Rate

One of the Crafy Pen's most beneficial features is that you can adjust the rate of speed at which the filament is extruded. This is awesome because you can slow down the speed for small detailed projects that require less filament, or you can speed it up for when your designs need to be thicker or more filled in. 

What's in the box?

  • Crafty Pen
  • 110-240v Power Adapter
  • Three 10g 1.75 ABS filament samples
  • Instruction Booklet
  • All the fun you can imagine

Warranty & Returns

You may return the Crafty Pen within 30 days of purchase for a full refund if you have not used the pen or if your pen is defective. After 30 days you're covered by our 1 year repair-or-replace warranty which covers hardware issues or defective units. 

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