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E3D the Chimera - Dual Extrusion System

The Chimera is a great and easy way to upgrade your printer to dual extrusion. This careful design was created with the user in mind - easy setup, temperature controlled, and the nozzles can be adjusted to different heights!

Product No. MHLQ67YY
List Price: 110.00 USD
Price: 108.00 USD
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The Chimera, E3D's answer to your dual extrusion nozzle needs, is a high performance, easy to use nozzle that won't weigh down your machine. This nozzle prints with accuracy at different levels and different filaments.

The 2 in 2 out Chimera nozzle is temperature controlled - meaning that you can adjust the temperature of each individual model. This allows you to print two materials that have incredibly different extrusion temperatures!


2 In 2 Out - The Best in Dual Extrusion!

The Chimera has a small footprint: 30mm x 28mm, and it incredibly easy to mount, just like its fellow E3D products: the Kraken, the Cyclops, and the v6.

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