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Sale CLEARANCE - SeeMeCNC ORION Delta 3D Printer

A fully assembled ORION Delta 3D printer by SeeMeCNC. Conveniently sized, and it prints in a wide range of materials, including PLA, ABS, Nylon, Laywoo-D3, soft PLA and more! Try finding another assembled printer in this price range that prints in so many materials!

Delta printers are well-known for laser-like accuracy and precision. The Orion Delta is an incredible value for a fully assembled Delta printer. We are shipping the newest version of the Orion which comes with the updated carriages.

Product No. MWD4YGWM
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Reason for Clearance:  This item is being discontinued.


World class prints without the hassle of assembly

If you are ready to design and print with your very own amazing 3D Printer, rather than building and tinkering, then the Orion Delta 3D Printer by SeeMeCNC is for you. With standard features like a heated print surface for optimal ABS printing, SD card and LCD control for USB-free printing, and easy to change nozzles, it's a sure winner every time. Once your Orion printer arrives at your door, simply unbox, plug and print! Your projects will be coming to life within minutes.

Perhaps most important is the fact is that this is a Delta printer and it's made by SeeMeCNC. Delta printers are well-known for laser-like accuracy and precision while printing. The Delta printers truly excel and shine when printing any kind of arch or circular structure because the bed remains still while three arms can rotate in perfect circular fashion. Additionally, parts always stick to the bed best on a Delta printer because the bed never moves.



  • Up-front LCD panel to show you the status of your print.
  • On-board SD card (included) for storing up to 4GB of print files.
  • Heated build surface for ABS printing.
  • High Speed positioning (up to 200mm/s).
  • High precision with approximately 50 micron accuracy.
  • 6" diameter by up to 9" tall build volume.
  • Comes standard with a .5mm nozzle.


Why Buy A SeeMeCNC?

Quality and community are the name of the game with SeeMeCNC. The quality of the pre-assembled Orion printer with the large print build you get for less than $1,500 is simply unmatched anywhere else in the 3D printing industry. SeeMeCNC owners have one of the most active communities online today where they actively share prints, advice, tips and tricks, and loads of step by step guidance for customizing your printer. The reason that this community exists is that SeeMeCNC owners are passionate makers and builders.

Each SeeMeCNC printer ships with MatterControl - AKA the best 3D printing software you can find. MatterControl is the most intuitive, feature rich 3D printing software and includes MatterSlice - the fastest and most accurate slicing engine on the market.

Questions about your SeeMeCNC Orion? Check out our forum!

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