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Ultimaker 3D Printers

About Ultimaker

The Ultimaker family of 3D printers are the most dependable and robust machines the industry has to offer. The Ultimaker offerings have evolved over the years and through diligent engineering have iterated their way to a fantastic and polished machines. As one of the most reliable and capable fully assembled printers available, Ultimaker continues to be an industry leader with the Ultimaker 3 bringing dual extrusion, and the ability to print any filament, to makers and professionals everywhere.

Ultimaker printers have changed the world of 3D printing in massive ways since they started with the Ultimaker Original. They continued to improve the design with the Ultimaker 2 3D printer, updated the extrusion system in the launch of the Ultimaker 2+ and most recently added dual extrusion in the Ultimaker 3. The product line also includes the Ultimaker Extended series offering even more build volume. The power of the Ultimaker package includes their software, the Cura slicing engine (the official Ultimaker software) and Ultimaker filament, many who have written an Ultimaker review consider them the best 3d printer. Now even more popular than Makerbot or other reprap design 3D printers, the Ultimaker 3D printer combined with Ultimaker cura continues to dominate. In recent years they have launched Ultimaker PLA, a specific Ultimaker 2 filament that has helped enhance every Ultimaker 2 review. Beyond all else, Ultimaker printers have proven to be the most dependable and accurate on the market, bringing 3D printing into more homes, business and schools.