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Manufacturing and Production
Manufacturing and Production

Manufacturing and Production

Modernize your manufacturing processes with the latest efficient digital manufacturing tools. Profitable bottom-lines and achievable high quotas increase when lag time and waste is reduced⁠—that's where additive manufacturing comes in. With quality 3D printers being more affordable than ever before, in-house solutions during the pre-production, production, and end-use stages of manufacturing save immense time and costs relative to working with external suppliers. Resolve any issues that arise during pilot production runs within days instead of weeks. Create new fixtures and jigs with low cost materials in response to any unexpected design-for-manufacturing issues that come up. Produce your own replacement parts using reliable sturdy thermoplastics such as nylons, copolyesters, PEEK, ULTEM, and other durable materials found in our catalog. We offer free lifetime phone and email support for all 70+ machines and 1000+ materials we sell, free US shipping, money-saving bundles, video tutorials, and manufacture case studies. Learn about how you can advance your industry with precise, functional 3D printing and fabrication tools here.

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About Manufacturing & Production

Consistently maintain and increase production uptime in your industry using reliable quality digital fabrication tools. Industries and technologies are rapidly transforming in tandem with each other⁠—so should your manufacturing organization. MatterHackers understands that tracking the latest and greatest production tools is difficult which is why we're committed to offering industry-leading customer support through every stage of your manufacturing process. For personal assistance, email and one of our friendly experienced staff members will advise you on the right equipment, tools, and materials that meet your requirements. The technologies and services our team brings to our catalog aim to help you design and produce in-house solutions at a fraction of the time and cost spent on external suppliers. MatterHackers has the products and experts to help match your specific production needs with the best hardware, software, materials, and product support on the market. Our library of inspiring case studies, knowledgable staff, and top quality equipment will streamline your line of manufacturing process.

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