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Holiday Gift Guide 2017

For as long as gift-giving has been a tradition, there’s also been the inability to come up with good gift ideas. So as the 2017 holidays approach, MatterHackers put together our annual gift guide of the many wonderful things that would make great presents for all ages and budgets.
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It starts as a hobby, and grows into a passion. The pros at MatterHackers are (obviously) as obsessed with 3D printing as you are. So, we've carefully selected these items to feed your playful and creative side. Expand upon your 3D printing fascination with these awesome items.
NylonX and Olsson Ruby
Into drones? Definitely check out our carbon-fiber infused Nylon - Nylonx, and be sure to add a Olsson Ruby or Hardened Steel Nozzle.
PolyMaker Polysher
Is cosplay your thing? Right on! Definitely pick up some Polymaker Polysmooth and the Polysher to save time on sanding and finishing.
Inventables Carvey
Are you into giving one-of-a-kind gifts? Perfect - get yourself the Inventables Carvey and make personalized items for everyone on your list.
Mosaic Pallet+
Want multi-color prints, but don't have a dual extrusion printer? Check out the Mosaic Palette+ filament system to expand your color selection.
XTC High Performance Print Coating
Need smooth and shiny parts? Add some XTC High Performance Coating to you prints for a fun finish!
LulzBot Mini
Limited room in your Makerspace? The LulzBot Mini is the perfect solution with it's compact frame yet user-friendly tech.


Sometimes, a great idea takes a little push in the right direction to get going. Now you can create right from your desktop/home-office to bring your ideas to life, thanks to 3D printing. We've selected these products to help any business idea take off just in time for the new year. Browse these gifts for the inventor in your life.
Ultimaker 3
Already using 3D printers at work? Expand your design capabilities by upgrading to a dual extrusion 3D printer, like the Ultimaker 3, and add support material to create more complex models.
Filament colors
Getting into Interior Design? We have a wide variety of filament colors to make any new living space pop. Check them out here.
LulzBot TAZ 6 3D Printer
Searching for the perfect prototyping solution? Start fabricating quickly with the LulzBot TAZ 6 3D Printer - with it's sturdy frame and great build volume, this workhorse can print with nearly every material available.
Need to print parts on the fly? Make sure your filament is at the ready and dry with the PrintDry filament storage solution.
BondTech Extruder
Is your printer constantly running? Upgrade to a BondTech Extruder for quick filament changes with flawless results
MakerGear M3 Dual 3D Printer
Cut your production time in half with a printer that has independent dual extrusion, like the MakerGear M3 Dual 3D Printer.


Learning new things should fun, and believe us, there is plenty to learn when it comes to 3D printing. Grab a friend and dive right into 3D printing with these helpful products and project ideas.
Crafty Pen
Have a kid that's interested in 3D printing? Get them started with the Crafty Pen, a 3D printing pen to help them learn the basics of 3D printing.
Pulse 3D Printer
Ready for your first 3D printer? Get the Pulse - it's got everything you need, like MatterControl software, plus it's fully customizable to fit your 3D printing needs.
PLA filament
We have an awesome selection of PLA filament, which is the best and most common 3D printing filament to get started with - it's perfect for beginners!
metallic and wood filament
Everyone likes new bling. Learn how to make some custom and authentic jewelry with our selection of metallic and wood filament for your friends and family.
PRO Series Ryno
Looking to do some good? Easy - get the supplies necessary for creating some 3D printing prosthetic hands this season, like PRO Series Ryno, which is strong and easy to print!
PRO Series Flex
Experimenting with new filament is what it's all about - check out some of the cool flexible materials we have, like PRO Series Flex.