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Optimize invaluable time and money spent on product development by investing in digital fabrication. Whether you're a self-employed engineer of a small business or leading industrial designer in a giant enterprise, MatterHackers will provide guidance that is aligned with your specific skills, use-case, and budget in mind. Render brilliant concepts into physical objects that can cost as low as pennies in material for initial prototyping. On a time crunch to produce the next best-seller? Explore, produce, reiterate, and revise ideas on the fly in-house without spending days waiting for an external supplier to get back to you with a quote and ETA. Profitable ideas immediately turn into tangible proofs of concept from anyone's desk and work bench thanks to more quality desktop-friendly 3D printers and other digital fabrication machines becoming more affordable than ever. Browse through our large catalog of 3D printers, CNC mills, laser cutters, and other tools that are capable of preparing your idea for large-scale mass production. We offer free lifetime phone and email support for all 70+ machines and 1000+ materials we sell, free US shipping, money-saving bundles, video tutorials, and industry case studies. Learn about how you can advance your industry with precise, functional 3D printing and fabrication tools here.

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Get started (or stay up to date) with the latest and greatest digital fabrication machines, tools, and materials on the market. Technologies like 3D printing make it easier than ever to commercialize new ideas—we’re here to help! Email for guidance on how to transform your product development. We help bring products to market every day, from designing and engineering our own products to providing feedback to our suppliers. Our team of professionals is here to help you design, develop, and ship your next great idea at a fraction of the time and cost. Whether you're part of a leading Fortune 500 company or a startup from home, MatterHackers has the products and experts to help match your product development with the best hardware, software, materials, and product support. You will also find inspiring case studies, how-to guides, and ground breaking products that will elevate your project.

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